So we have started making some videos of our own,

There will be lots more, but here are a few!!!

Very soon I will have some videos of my own to show you.

But I will also share some of my favourite stuff.

This man is such an utter genius in my opinion.

This woman is rock’n’roll, a complete legend and more important musically than we could ever comprehend. I do a version with the kids, check out the album LINK


Right, you have to actually try and join in too!!!

Heres a link to the lyrics- LINK

Here’s something else I do.

If you ever needed proof of the power of music, here is a shining example

A lovely example of Sesame Street at it’s best!

I didn’t realise what a big thing the Marimba challenge was. This is not post colonial voyeurism, it’s just brilliant!!!

Love this guy. I bought the drill bits, grew the veg, I’m ready. Wanna try?

And then …..