Benjamin Zephaniah says

“This is a fun, creative, and interesting way to learn and practice songs. We all know that poetry and music can open up the imagination of children, giving them confidence and a space for self expression, but when they are brought together in such an original way it makes learning lovely.
This is the only thing I have come across in the last forty years that has made me really want to go back to school.”

“The book is a fantastic resource, not just for the benefits it offers in children’s speech and language development, it is simply a brilliant way to engage children in music.”
Marie Alexander – Head Teacher

“It’s about time something like this hit the market. A fabulous, eclectic collection of brilliant songs, perfectly presented. Every early years music group setting should have this.”
Laura Burrow – Music Teacher

“I highly recommend all parents, teachers, nursery practitioners and everyone else who likes singing songs with children to buy this CD.”
Comet Ajayi – Nursery Practitioner

Mo and I have been going to Corin’s Music Class at Comet Nursery for nearly 2 years now.
We both love the class. Corin is very creative and brings out the best in the kids and the adults. It lifts my spirits on a Monday morning and Mo enjoys the group setting, rhythms, variety and learning.
It’s helped Mo in so many ways. It’s supported his speech, movement, coordination, confidence and ability to play on his own, AND I now hear him singing the songs we’ve learnt to himself throughout the day.
We’re now on holiday and have brought no toys. Yikes! The only thing we have brought is Corin’s book and album so we can have fun with the songs as we bumble along.
We cannot recommend Corin’s classes, book and album enough.
Ade– Parent

“The music man is absolutely awesome, I love his songs, they make me groove!”
Rowan – Age 6

I have been attending Corins music sessions with both my children for 2 years and it was the only session they looked forward to, they loved the music, Corin playing the guitar and singing and the instruments laid out.
I purchased the CD before Christmas and it was the best £10.00 I’ve ever spent, well worth the money and I have 2 happy children singing along in the car in the mornings, thank you Corin.
Hanife – Parent

My baby loves going to Corin’s music sessions – it is one of his absolutely favourite activities of the week. We’ve been to numerous other music / play activities and we both like this the most – it’s not just the usual tired nursery rhymes but samba or rock and roll or African beats and some “upcycled” classics. From an adult’s perspective (not sure how discerning the babies are!) it’s been refreshing and energetic – I learnt more sign language in one session with Corin than I did in an expensive baby signing course I paid for. The book is beautifully presented and the CD is great too.”
Tanya – Parent

“Wow. What a hit. The kids in my class loved it. Amazing Corin. Inspired.”
Duncan Peltier – Nursery Practitioner

“Thank you for being the most awesome music teacher”
Sikchya Parent

“I am a very shy person but coming to Corins music has made me very open – I am able to talk to other parents freely which I never used to do”

“I like the way Corin teaches music; movements, dancing, singing and learning new songs”

“The music with Corin was great and my daughter danced till she got tired!”